Office of Education Staff

Office of Education Headquarters

Herbert C Hoover Building
14th Street and Constitution Ave NW
Room 6863
Washington, DC 20230


Louisa Koch
Chair NOAA Education Council
Marlene Kaplan
Deputy Director of Education and Director of EPP


Christos Michalopoulos
Deputy Director of K-12 & Informal Education


K-12 & Informal Education

Name Position email Phone
Bob Hansen National Outreach Coordinator 202.482.4594
Bronwen Rice B-WET National Coordinator 202.482.6797
Carrie McDougall Senior Education Program Manager 202.482.0875
Christopher Nelson Grants Analyst 202.482.0453
Erik MacIntosh Science On a Sphere Program Manager 301.628.2914
Jaime Frungillo Program Specialist  202.482.2931
James LeDuc Senior Budget Analyst 202.482.0965
Jeannine Montgomery Outreach Specialist 301.713.1208
Jessica Cooper Education Evaluator 202.482.2269
John Baek Education Evaluator 202.482.8189
John McLaughlin Education Program Manager 202.482.2893
June Teisan Education Specialist 202.482.5853
Maggie Allen John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellow 202.482.3260
Marissa Jones Education Specialist 202.482.4592
Montrese Diggs Program Support Administrator 202.482.3384
Sarah Schoedinger Senior Education Program Manager



Educational Partnership Program and Student Scholarships

name position email phone
Audrey Trotman Lead Program and Policy Analyst 301.628.2902
Belinda Vann-Nelson Administrative Officer 301.628.2911
Carolina Quijada Outreach and Education Specialist 301.628.2907
Charles Hitselberger Systems Analyst 301.628.2909
Elizabeth Bhola Administrative Specialist 301.628.5648
Elvis Efamba IT Specialist 301.628.2908
Jacqueline Rousseau Supervisory Program Manager 301.628.2905
Kristen Jabanoski Communication Specialist 301.628.2910
Meka Laster Program Planning Specialist 301.628.2906
Sabrina Tucker Administrative Assistant 301.628.2900
Sandra Sarvis Program Specialist 301.628.2904
Tiffany Upshaw Administrative Specialist 301.628.2912
Todd Christenson Education and Outreach Specialist 301.628.2916
Victoria Dancy Program Specialist 301.628.2908