Science Olympiad: Meteorology

Everyday Weather (Division B)


Weather and Atmosphere Collection (NOAA Education)

Education Resources focused on the state of the atmosphere at a given point in time and geographic location. Portal to a curated collection of education resources. Resources that introduce weather and atmospheric science concepts, provide activities and data for exploring these concepts, and links to emerging research.

The atmosphere 

The Atmosphere

Read about the atmosphere on the National Weather Service’s JetStream Online School for Weather, specifically about the composition of the atmosphere, the five distinct layers of the atmosphere, air pressure, transfer of heat energy, energy balance, and the hydrologic cycle.

Earth-Atmosphere Energy Balance 

The Earth-Atmosphere Energy Balance

A description of the Earth-Atmosphere Energy Balance, with details of how incoming (from the Sun) and outgoing (from the Earth) components of the energy balance change vertically through the atmosphere.

Atmospheric Rivers 

The Ocean's Role in Weather and Climate

A description of the role the ocean plays in regulating the weather and climate of the planet, including energy transfer processes, atmospheric circulation, and characteristics of El Niño/La Niña, with links for further study. Developed collaboratively between NOAA and the National Science Teachers Association, this web site connects to tutorials through NSTA and interactive, flash-based features that illustrate earth systems.

Atmospheric Rivers 

National Weather Service’s JetStream Online School for Weather

A National Weather Service Online Weather School, designed to help educators, emergency managers, or anyone interested in learning about weather and weather safety.

Atmospheric Rivers 

Solar Radiation Storm

A description of what a solar radiation storm is, how they are categorized, and their impact on the Earth.

Atmospheric Rivers 

Air Pressure

A description of air pressure, changes in air pressure on a daily basis and with weather systems, and with height in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric Rivers 

Latent and Sensible Heatoffsite link

A description of latent and sensible heat and how they affect the atmosphere and cause changes in the weather.

Atmospheric Rivers 

Air Masses and Fronts

Definitions of air masses and fronts, classification of air masses, discussion of the different types of fronts.

Atmospheric Rivers 

Alberta Clippers

How and where Alberta Clippers form, and their impacts on weather in different regions of North America.

Atmospheric Rivers 

NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center

Current maps and datasets related to atmospheric conditions in the United States, particularly related to severe weather and the potential for severe weather.

Atmospheric Rivers 

Hydrologic Cycle and Atmospheric Circulation 

How changes in atmospheric circulation will have associated implications for the global distribution of water, which, in turn, impacts regional weather and climate patterns.

Atmospheric Rivers 

Sea Breeze and Land Breeze 

A description and comparison between sea breezes and land breezes and their dependence on temperature variations.

National Forecast 

NOAA Forecast Maps

A collection of NOAA forecast maps for the United States, including forecasts of temperature, precipitation, wind, sky cover, and surface conditions.