The Environmental Literacy Program offers competitive grant funding.

Education grants in support of NOAA's mission

Working at national, regional, and local levels, our funded projects educate and inspire people to use Earth systems science to improve ecosystem stewardship and increase resilience to environmental hazards. Education plays a critical role in achieving NOAA’s mission and vision. To make the best social, economic, and environmental decisions, individuals should have the ability to understand scientific processes, consider uncertainty, and reason about the ways human and natural systems interact (NOAA's Education Strategic Plan, 2015–2035). Our grants support formal (K-12) and informal education projects that cultivate these skillsets among diverse audiences.

Environmental Literacy Grants (ELG)

NOAA's Office of Education regularly offers the Environmental Literacy Grant competition. In 2015 and 2016, this competition focused on helping communities build the environmental literacy necessary for resilience to extreme weather events and environmental hazards. Read about our 2016 awards

NOAA's mission is directed toward a vision of the future where communities and their ecosystems are healthy and resilient in the face of sudden or prolonged change. To achieve this vision, NOAA strives to understand current Earth system conditions, project future changes, and help people make informed decisions that reduce their vulnerability to environmental hazards and stresses that emerge over time, while at the same time, increase their ability to cope with them. Environmental Literacy Grants are creating new models for how education can improve community resilience.

ELG competition status

In 2016, we offered a competitive funding opportunity for education projects designed to strengthen the public’s and/or K-12 students’ environmental literacy to improve community resilience to extreme weather events and environmental hazards. The competition is now closed. 

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