Guidance For NOAA Employees
Regarding Implementation and Interpretation of DAO 219-1

On March 29, 2007, the Department of Commerce issued a new Administrative Order, DAO 219-1, establishing the policy for Department employees engaging in public communications. This guidance provides employees with information as to how NOAA will implement and interpret certain key provisions of the Order.

Each of NOAA’s Line Offices has unique roles, responsibilities and duties, and as such, is encouraged to use the Order’s flexibility to continue its practices. NOAA supports robust discussion about its science and an open dialogue with the public and the media. These guidelines will help ensure the results of the agency’s research are widely shared.

Exemptions for certain disclosures

Brief Definitions (see DAO 219-1 for complete definitions)

Overview: What’s New?

Fundamental Research Communications

Media Interviews


News Releases

Overview: What’s The Same?

Submission of Materials

Official Communications with the Media

Application to Weather and Other Public Safety Information

Employees’ Appeal Rights

Effective Date