California Current

The California Current Large Marine Ecosystem (CCLME) is a dynamic, diverse environment in the eastern North Pacific Ocean spanning nearly 3000 km from southern British Columbia, Canada to Baja California, Mexico, and includes the United State Exclusive Economic Zone, the coastal land-sea interface, and adjacent terrestrial watersheds.   Read More...

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  • Egret on the shore
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California Current IEA: Key Topics

Climate   Energy   Fisheries 

Increased population growth in coastal communities, climate change, ocean conditions, fishing, and demand for oil, gas, and renewable energy are a few key factors that influence the health of the California Current marine ecosystem.  Read More

California Current IEA: Current Work

In 2013, Phase III of the IEA, we are working on further integration and synthesis of previous years' research, and are bringing in a new ecosystem component - Habitat.  Our most recent IEA work (Phase II) is presented in our 2012 IEA Report. This report includes our work on status and trends of ecological indicators, oceanographic, climatic, and anthropogenic drivers and pressures, and risk assessments at subregional and regional scales. Management strategy evaluations (MSE) and management testing scenarios were (and continue to be) an important part of the CCIEA.  Read More

California Current IEA: In Action

Integrated Ecosystem Assessment science is making its way into management discussions.  Please see the IEA examples documents, and the IEA Products section of this page for examples of IEA-related work. Read more

California Current IEA: Products

The CCIEA generates a variety of products - models, publications, maps, reports, etc. The Products page provides an overview of all CCIEA products and resources.  Read more



A primary goal of the California Current IEA is to understand the web of interactions that link drivers and pressures to Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) components and to forecast how changing environmental conditions and management actions affect the status of these components in the California Current LME. Read More....

CCIEA Publications

List of publications by the CCIEA team and partners. These publications pertain to the CCIEA, Ecosystem-Based Management or ecosystem science in the California Current LME. See publications...