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Extreme Weather 2011

A year for the record books

From extreme drought, heat waves and floods to unprecedented tornado outbreaks, hurricanes, wildfires and winter storms, a record 14 weather and climate disasters in 2011 each caused $1 billion or more in damages — and most regrettably, loss of human lives and property. NOAA's National Weather Service has redoubled its efforts to create a "Weather-Ready Nation", where vulnerable communities are better prepared for extreme weather and other natural disasters.

NOAA forecasts, advisories, watches, warnings and community-based preparedness programs have been and will continue play an even greater role in enhancing the economy and saving lives. A Weather-Ready Nation is one in which businesses, governments and the public are armed with accurate forecasts and other critical information on which to make smart decisions to protect life and property when severe weather threatens.

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Billion-dollar disasters of 2011 (as of Jan. 19, 2012)

Snow IconGroundhog Day blizzard »
January 29-February 3, 2011
Tornado IconMidwest/Southeast tornadoes »
April 4-5, 2011
Tornado IconSoutheast/Midwest tornadoes »
April 8-11, 2011
Tornado IconMidwest/Southeast tornadoes »
April 14-16, 2011
Tornado IconSoutheast/Ohio Valley/Midwest tornadoes »
April 25-28, 2011
Tornado IconMidwest/Southeast tornadoes »
May 22-27, 2011
Storm IconMidwest/Southeast tornadoes and severe weather »
June 18-22, 2011
Heat IconSouthern Plains/Southwest drought and heatwave »
Spring-Fall, 2011
Flood IconMississippi River flooding »
Spring-Summer, 2011
Storm IconRockies and Midwest severe weather »
July 10-14, 2011 (* added Jan. 19, 2012)
Flood IconUpper Midwest flooding »
Summer 2011
Hurricane IconHurricane Irene »
August 20-29, 2011
Fire IconTexas, New Mexico, Arizona wildfires »
Spring-Fall 2011
Hurricane IconTropical Storm Lee »
Early September, 2011 (* added Jan. 19, 2012)
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