Elementary Science

This special Elementary Collection includes just a few of the science education resources that are available from NOAA for K-5 audiences. Additional resources appropriate for teaching young children can be found in the topic-based Collections that are found throughout this website.

The resources included in this Elementary Collection have been selected to help teachers as they plan lessons and learn about specific topics, such as severe weather, the water cycle, tornadoes and food webs. These resources may also be useful in teaching larger concepts such as change over time, analyzing patterns, relationships between organisms and their habitats, the interdependence of living things, and energy transfers. The types of resources available include short videos, handouts and lesson plans, data sources, background information and professional development opportunities for teachers. These resources can provide students with the opportunity to collect and interpret data and engage in hands-on activities (in the classroom and outdoors), make observations, and participate in other scientific processes.

Ocean and Coasts

Nim's Island Educator Guide and Resources

The Educator's Guide includes activities to teach students about the Ocean and stewardship of the Ocean.

Ocean Facts

Brief descriptions and explanations about a wide variety of ocean related topics.

Ocean Pollution- Marine Debris

Activity books, brochures and other information about marine debris causes, impacts and solutions.

Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

In this set of lessons students investigate how plastic shopping bags can become ocean pollution, they determine their family's use of these materials and explore ways to reduce their use.


AMS Climate Systems Courseoffsite link

Free online Climate Systems course designed for teachers and produced by the American Meteorological Society.

Climate Maps of the U.S.

Printable maps of the U.S. that show average temperatures, precipitation, snow fall and even the chance of a white Christmas.

Which Location is Right For Me

Students compare weather and climate, gather online climate data, and use the data to determine the region to which they would like to relocate.

Weather and Atmosphere

Lightning Safety for Kids

This website provides information and activities about lightning and lightning safety for kids.

Make Your Own Weather Station

Instructions for making six simple instruments that students can use to measurement the local weather.

Marine Life

Manatee Curriculumoffsite link

This third grade curriculum is designed to help students learn about the biology and ecology of a manatee and humans’ impacts on these animals.

Saving Springer

A 25 minute video that tells the true story of an orphaned baby killer whale that was reunited with its family pod (Quicktime)

Sounds in the Ocean

Recordings of the sounds made by many marine animals.

The Turtle and The Tree

A short video that describes the impact that the planting of non-native trees had on sea turtles.

Whale Species Fact Sheets

Background fact sheets, designed for kids, about different whale species.


Backyard Water Discoveryoffsite link

Classroom and outdoor activities that help students investigate their local aquatic habitats and environments.

Estuary Video Series

Short videos in which students investigate estuarine habitats.

Food Webs of the Great Lakes

Small printable diagrams illustrating food webs found in the Great Lakes.

Water Cycle

Background information, lessons, and activities for kids about the water cycle.