Cryosphere data resources

NOAA View Data Imagery Portal

The NOAA View Data Imagery Portal provides access to maps of NOAA data from a variety of satellite, model, and other analysis sources. The user can investigate various datasets related to the ocean, atmosphere, land, cryosphere, and climate. The datasets cover multiple years and can be viewed as animations over weeks, months, or years. It is also possible to mouse over the maps and inspect individual data values at any point. The user can also download images from the site and create files usable on Google Earth. There are no associated lessons; however, the site is very user-friendly.

Grade Level: MS, HS

National Snow and Ice Data Centeroffsite link

National Snow and Ice (NSIDC) data in Google Earth format can be found at this site. You can view snow, ice, ice shelf, glaciers, permafrost, and sea ice extents as KML or KMZ files for Google Earth. Additionally, you can use Google Earth to view cryospheric data sets on the globe. There is also "A Climate Change Tour of Cold Places" KML file.

Grade Level: MS, HS

NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory

NOAA’s Environmental Visualization Lab creates a variety of timely satellite images, videos, and visualizations. The home page has an image of the day that relates to a current meteorological event. The site contains images and videos pertaining to current and historical severe weather events, disasters, hurricanes, climate, oceans, atmosphere, and remote sensing.

Grade Level: ES, MS, HS