December 8th, 2009

Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States: A State of Knowledge Report of the U.S. Global Climate Research Program

Thomas Karl with Kit Batten

Human-induced climate changes are happening now and are projected to increase. Choices made about emissions now and in the coming years will have far-reaching consequences. The rate and magnitude of future climate change and the resulting impacts depend critically on the amount of global greenhouse gases and atmospheric particles (aerosols). Because we are already committed to significant changes in climate, adaptation strategies will be necessary  to help reduce some of the undesirable impacts. Careful planning and regular  feedback regarding climate change impacts on ecosystem and social systems will be important input for effective mitigation and adaptation policies.

I reported on Ten Key Findings today:

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Climate Change Spherecast

Dr. Sandy MacDonald

(Credit: NOAA)

Today Dr MacDonald gave an international spherecast. His presentation on the sphere in Copenhagen was shown simultaneously on spheres in multiple science centers across the U.S. and one in Finland.


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Extreme Weather and Climate Events in a Changing Climate: North America including Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the US Pacific Islands

Thomas Karl with Thomas R. Armstrong

Many weather and climate extremes are already changing and their associated impacts are already being felt.  New studies have recently emerged that link human-caused increases in greenhouse gases to changes in weather and climate extremes at the scale of a continent.

In the future we expect that:

Current and future impacts depend not only on the changes in extremes, but also on response by social and eco- systems.

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