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The demand for relevant, reliable and authoritative climate information to inform decisions continues to grow at all levels, from local to global. These growing demands must be met, and no single agency is capable of providing all of the needed information and services to support decision-making. NOAA has a key role to play in the end-to-end development and delivery of climate science, tools, products, and information that can better prepare our nation for the impacts of climate variability and change, and mitigate the human influence on climate. Yet the nation’s climate-related information resources are starkly inadequate relative to the magnitude of the challenges facing all levels of government, industry, and society at large. NOAA is working with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and relevant federal agencies toward the establishment of a National Climate Service, in support of the nation’s need for sound, scientifically-backed policies and programs to respond to climate change.

Throughout this process NOAA is relying on a wealth of knowledge and analysis, both internal and from our federal and other partners, to in form our thinking and future plans.

From Leading scientists, managers and staff at NOAA

Leading scientists, managers and staff at NOAA have contributed to the following analysis and review. The views in these report are solely those of the author team and are meant to be considered by NOAA along with other inputs to develop an overall climate services strategy.

From NOAA’s Science Advisory Board

NOAA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) has conducted multiple studies into NOAA’s climate capabilities relevant to the development of a climate service:

From External Agencies

NOAA has also received reviews and recommendations from a number of external sources.

Congressional Testimony

Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco have both testified before Congress about climate services.