Climate change is real. It is here, and it is happening now, in our backyards and around the globe.

Dr. Jane Lubchenco
NOAA Administrator


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NOAA is charged with helping society understand, plan for, and respond to climate variability and change. This is achieved through the development and delivery of climate sciences and services, the implementation of a global observing system, and focused research and modeling to understand key climate processes. NOAA is committed to providing a suite of relevant climate science and services to help governments, businesses, and communities manage climate risks, adapt to changing conditions, and reduce the threat of climate change.

As NOAA works to further streamline and better serve the rapidly growing demand for a wide variety of user-friendly climate services, we are relying on a wealth of knowledge and analysis, both internal and from our federal and other partners to inform our thinking and future plans.

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U.S. Global Change Research Program

USGCRP Climate Impacts ReportNOAA is a key participating agency in the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) as well as other significant international, national, and regional activities

In June, the USGCRP released the Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States report, a NOAA led report providing an updated analysis of the impacts of climate change in the United States. This report is written in plain language and provides an analysis of impacts broken down by regional and industry.

NOAA Climate Programs

NOAA’s climate programs are focused on three themes:

NOAA’s operational climate program monitors and forecasts short-term climate fluctuations and provides information on the effects climate patterns can have on the nation

NOAA's Climate Program Office manages competitive grant programs, leads NOAA climate international, education and outreach activities, and coordinates climate activities across NOAA.

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