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2007 National Theme for Black History Month
NOAA Black History Month banner.
NOAA Black History Month collage.
The 2007 National Theme for Black History Month focuses on the struggles of people of African descent to achieve freedom and equality in the Americas during the age of emancipation. The transition from slavery to freedom represents one of the major themes in the history of the African Diaspora in the Americas. Regardless of the path to freedom, African people had to struggle for liberation and equality. Rarely did they enjoy equal citizenship and the untrammeled right to pursue happiness. Under and against the rule of various powers, Africans experienced emancipation during the course of the nineteenth century.

Today, African Americans have made many successful accomplishments and continue to struggle and break barriers in the area of politics, science, entertainment, sports and history. This year, NOAA would like to focus on four struggles that African Americans have endured and continue to endure, yet still succeeded in making changes in America.

The four struggles that contribute to the history of African Americans include:

  • Fighting for Liberty—The Civil War Struggle (more...)
  • Fighting for Knowledge—Quest for Education (more...)
  • Fighting for America's Freedom—Blacks in WWI and WWII (more...)
  • Fighting for Individual Rights—The Civil Rights Struggle (more...)
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